Privacy Policy

'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' attaches great importance to the protection of user information, sometimes we need some information to provide better service for you, this privacy statement explains the collection and use of the data. If you choose to use 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●', it means that you acknowledge and accept the terms of the existing content and probably updating content.

Mobile phone adapter and management function

To provide better service and experience for different types of mobile devices, 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' will check your phone's operating system version, screen resolution information to make the picture material better fit on your screen. The content does not involve your personally identifiable information such as privacy. We do not store this information, or use it to match with any other your personal information.

The pictures, file management functions in mobile phone

When you use 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●', it may be necessary to call your phone storage of pictures, documents, these contents are just for you to display and edit in 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●'; or in your authorization, to use file management functions to store your edited pictures. 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' will not collect and upload the data, archiving, pictures and other information, or collect generated and uploaded information. It will not be used for other commercial services.

The management and security of personal information

'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' without permission will not disclose your information to the third party, unless it satisfies the following circumstances:

Disclaimer Statement

'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' do not bear any legal responsibility towards the following matters :


'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' will occasionally update this privacy statement. We will publish changes in the content of the release of the privacy statement on the web page. 'Solitaire Paradise iSolitaire●' will always commit to fully protect the user information, and provide better experience and service for you.


Any questions about the privacy policy can be directed to: